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Help you child learn a life-long skill in a fun and natural way.  Our Full Immersion approach means your little one will be completely submerged in the language from Day 1

With our fun classes, engaging resources and follow up activities they are not only learning Spanish, they are opening their view to the world.  They make new friends, understand other cultures and get to develop mentally and emotionally.  

GROUP sessions

Local to Wigan & Warrington? Then face to face is the perfect choice! 45 minutes full of engaging activities.
All over the world? Online group sessions are the perfect option.  30 minutes every week packed with fun games and exercises.

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Native Spanish
Speaker Teacher


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

                        – Ludwig Wittgenstein –

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From multilingual Mum to Spanish teacher

Our Story

Raised in Barcelona, Spain, from Peruvian parents and now married to a Brazilian man, Eliana went from raising their two children trilingual to teaching Spanish to more than a hundred kids and adults. Her passion and personality to teach a new language makes the classes engaging, fun and naturally enriching. – “It’s not only about the language! but the culture, the people, the experiences, that make all the difference”- says Eliana.

"Florence absolutely loves her weekly sessions. She learns lots and has fun at the same time."
"My boy absolutely loves this group. He can’t wait for Wednesdays. Eliana is brilliant with the children, to see every child coming out of her class happy and excited is amazing."
Good atmosphere & group who share an interest in learning, or in my case attempting to learn, conversational Spanish in an informal setting. Well worth attending.