spanish summer camp day

Spanish Summer Camp Day – the perfect way to learn Spanish!

Time really does fly! In two weeks we will be finishing our Summer Term and get everything ready for our Spanish Summer Camp Day on August 5th at Higher Folds Community Centre, in Leigh.

Why did we decide to organise a Spanish Summer Camp Day?

Well, it’s common to hear of multiple options for your kids to attend summer camp days, holiday activities, and other similar events after school is over. What is not that common is to find a way for your kid to learn a second language while having an amazing time. Not everyone has the chance to travel abroad during the year or during the Summer months so we thought that by providing at least a full day packed with FUN and Spanish orientated activities they would get a glimpse of what is like living in a Spanish speaking country.

What will the kids be doing on our Spanish Summer Camp Day?

We have prepared a non-stop schedule that will start with some ice-breaking games and songs, followed by a quick Snack Time and then we will receive our Salsa Dance instructor, Mike, from Salsa Dance Cheshire, who is an expert instructor of adults and children included. He will guide us on a 1 h session learning the best steps to dance the latest Latin Summer hit. 😀

After that we will carry on with some games typical from Spain, so they will be playing like authentic ‘Spaniards’. By that time the children will need to have a little rest from all the dancing and running and enjoy their packed lunches, eating along with their new friends.

After lunch, we will go straight into some Football training, guided by my colleague, Samuel, who will also join us for the whole session to make sure all the children are well looked-after.

Finally it will be time for the kids to learn our special recipe of ‘Torrijas‘ . We will guide them through the preparation, learning ingredients in Spanish and other words. I will be in charge of the cooking, for safety reasons, and then the children will finish the last steps of the recipe so everyone can take home this delicious treat typical from Spain.

Before our day is over everyone will have a chance to also do some crafts that they can take as their little keepsake from our Spanish Summer Camp day.

What happens after the Spanish Summer Camp Day?

Hopefully your child will relate ‘learning Spanish’ to something fun and amusing. They will keep the good memories that will help them in the future to understand that learning Spanish, or learning a second language in general, doesn’t need to be a boring activity of ‘seating at a table in front of a teacher repeating words’. Their minds will be opened and their curiosity will have increased. Their acceptance to what seems different will also evolve. Since they will have experienced what is like to play, cook, dance and live like a person from another country.

That is our main goal of this event, to help the children increase their curiosity for learning another language.

If it’s something they would like to carry on we will be back in September on our term time clubs at TreeTops Play and Party Cafe in Golborne. But you can also get in touch with us to find out what options would suit you best.

We are really looking forward to this amazing event, our Spanish Summer Camp Day! 🙂 🙂

** If you still haven’t booked your place, do so now since we have limited spaces available! Just fill out the registration form and we will be in touch shortly.