Terms and conditions

Read carefully our Terms and Conditions before joining one of our classes or courses. We want you to make the most out of them so we all need to be on the same page! 🙂


– All parents/legal guardians/adult students are required to complete a Registration Form prior to enrolling their child/ themselves with Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club. These details will be held on a secure database.

– Completion of the Registration Form will give consent to or decline the use of personal data stored in this way according to our Data Protection Policy.

-All parents/legal guardians/adult students will be provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions to be agreed prior to registering their child/themselves with Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club.

-Pupils may be photographed for promotional purposes. You will have to the option to give consent to or decline this action as part of the registration process.

-To ensure their safety and well being, pupils must conduct themselves in a responsible manner whilst taking part in our sessions, either face to face or online.

-Teachers cannot accept responsibility for any valuable or articles lost on the premises.


-All fees are to be paid by the ‘Payment Due’ date shown on each invoice which will be emailed to the lead adult/ adult student.

-In the event of absence, for any reason, fees are non-returnable. If a child/adult student is ill, they can request a make up lesson at no extra cost. This will be in the form of a lesson outline and activities and not a pre-recorded session.

-In the event that fees are still not collected 2 weeks after they become due Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club reserves the right to withdraw a student’s place.

– All sessions in Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club run term time only. Monthly fee is requested upfront by the agreed due date between the student and Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club. This includes weekly lessons on courses and all classes, online or face to face.

-The monthly fee takes into consideration all the holidays periods, and it’s a fixed amount each month. There are an average of 38 sessions on the academic year.

– Payment is paused during the month of August when no classes/courses are being delivered and resume the first week of September.


-A student’s place will be allocated for the whole of the academic year. 30 days written notice is required before withdrawing a pupil from any type of sessions. If written notice is not received, a proportionate of two weeks sessions’ fee will be charged in lieu of notice.

-Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club is unable to hold a student’s place open in the event they leave and wish to return at a later date. Arrangements will try to be made to allocate that student into any sessions with available spaces.


-When a lesson needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a pre-recorded lesson will be offered to the whole group class of the affected session.

-In the event of forced closure, Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club are not obliged to return any lessons fees.

-In the event of forced closure of the Face to Face sessions premises, Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club will aim to offer online lessons in place of in-person sessions. Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club will try their best to keep same day and time of the sessions.

-When the offer of online lessons is declined, Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club are not obliged to hold a student’s place until the Centre is reopened and face to face lessons are resumed. Although other remote options will be offered. If none other options are convenient to the student then the place will be saved if a personal agreement is arranged with the student/their legal guardian. Otherwise it will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list.


-For face to face sessions, Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Club committs to follow all safety guidelines of the premises where the sessions are taking place and all measures requested by the Government. That implies the use of PPE equipment or any other necessary implementations.

– The legal guardian accepts to follow all hygiene and safety measures as stipulated by the Government at the time of the session is taking place.

– The legal guardian of a child who attends a face to face group also commits to inform whenever their child has been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or they are ill themselves and need to be in quarantine.