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Our online classes are adapted according to the age and level of our students. They are complemented with weekly tasks and follow-up activities. Videos, quizzes, games, worksheets and many more resources will make ‘Learning Spanish’ a natural journey for you or your child. Just choose which plan suits you best! Weekly sessions, Study at your own pace or Meet face to face?

** We are currently reviewing all our classes and prices. New information will be available in January 2021. 

Use the information below only as a reference. Thank you for your patience!

Weekly Classes on Zoom

1:1 for Kids 0-11 years old

Individual sessions are the perfect way to help your little one make the most out of their video class. The pace is set by the child's ability to learn the language.

30 minutes once a week

£35 per month

Includes Rockalingua 

weekly tasks

PLUS regular extra 

content and follow-up

group Kids 0-11 years old

Your child will make new friends whom will be able to practise Spanish with. Learning a new language while having a great time.

30 minutes once a week


per month

Includes Rockalingua 

weekly tasks

1:1 for adults

They're practical and affordable!. Based on conversational Spanish while at the same time complementing the lesson with grammar, listening and reading activities.

50 minutes once a week

£18 per session


group adults

Share your goal of learning Spanish with other minds-alike! You will help each other out making the lesson fun and engaging.

40 minutes once a week

£9 per session per person


online classes

for kids


Subscribe and get full access to all our FREE resources! Including videos, worksheets, and many more.

Regular Updates!

Fun & Downloadable!



Get full access to ALL our FREE resources PLUS full access to Rockalingua.

Regular Updates!

Fun & Downloadable!

£12.95 per month


Full access to ALL our resources, including Rockalingua PLUS personalised assigned weekly tasks.

Weekly Follow Up

via email or whatsapp included!

£24 per month

For adults


Subscribe and get weekly emails with various resources to learn Spanish! Worksheets, online games, grammar tips...

Regular updates!




Get full and sctructured lessons every week. Organised by topics, incuding practical questions and activities.

Follow up by email/whatsapp included!


£22 per month


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Pick the most convenient time and location for you and your little one.
Starting from September 2020 you can choose between these two venues:

Mondays 4 - 7pm Various groups

  • 3-7 years old at 4pm
  • 8-11 years old at 5pm
  • Adult Beginners at 6.10pm

Wednesdays 4 - 5pm Kids group

  • 3- 7 years old at 4pm