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From Absolute Beginners to Advanced learners. Whatever your level our bespoken online courses are the perfect way to start your journey learning Spanish! With different topics each week you will cover from grammar to speaking, listening, and many other activities! At your own pace and time. 

Would you rather join us every week on Zoom? Keep reading…

absolute beginners class

every Monday at 6.10pm on Zoom!

A 50 minute session delivered by our Native Spanish Speaker Teacher. You will get to practise everything you learn with other friends who love Spanish as you do!. Being ready for your next adventure was never that easy!

Includes access to Campus Difusion, so that you can complement your language experience. 

Better than any app out there!

£35 per month


Not sure if this level would be too easy for you? Then give it a try with a one-off payment and decide if this is your right match. No commitment!

Online courses
spanish for absolute beginners

absolute beginners

You receive a weekly lesson by email. Work all the activities suggested on your Digital Notebook and GET FEEDBACK from our Native Teacher every week! You will see your progress in the first few weeks!

At your own pace and time


per month

Access to Campus Difusion 

Regular contact with your teacher.

Engaging activities: videos, interactive exercises, pronunciation and many more… 

spanish for beginners


This is the perfect course for everyone who's already done some Spanish but is not ready for the Intermediate Level yet. Packed with interesting activities and your own Digital Notebook to get feedback regularly as well. This will be a great tool on your journey towards fluency!

At your own pace and time


per month

Access to Campus Difusion

Engaging activities to practice everything you learn.
Weekly feedback from your Teacher

more advanced...?

Are you at an Intermediate or Advanced Level? (B1/B2, C1) Then get in touch so we can offer you the best option for you! Stay on the loop! New Intensive courses are coming soon for just a ONE-OFF payment!


Spanish just for you!

coming soon...

Do you need to get ready for your next trip to Spain or other Spanish speaking country? Maybe you are stuck with some of those tricky verbs or tenses... These courses will be the perfect solution for you. A package of a number of lessons to give you that extra boost on your language experience! For a unique one-off payment!


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